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“Our educational experience is unique. How do we share our story?”

Founded in 1948 in Sedona, Arizona, Verde Valley School is an international college preparatory boarding school with a longstanding reputation for quality education. The school focuses on a global educational program and offers an international baccalaureate.

Our challenge was to help position the school to renew interest and increase enrollment. The school brings together students from around the world, into an environment where they learn together about math, science, literature and the arts, as well as the many cultures represented. It is a place where students prepare for college and prepare for life. We created their mantra “College Prep. World Prep.” But this wasn’t the only thing that made VVS special; the interactive and integrated learning approach permeated the educational process. We took this to heart, creating ways for people to experience the approach first hand, at special events and presentations and with a unique “interactive” View Book. It was honored with a gold CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) award for excellence. During the test campaign in metro Phoenix, inquiries and enrollments doubled in one year.