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“We have changed. How do we reposition our school and get back on track?”

Tesseract School began as a for-profit organization. When it began to fail, the school was purchased by parents and a non-profit foundation was formed. Tesseract School weathered the challenges of change and emerged as a new option in private education.

Research revealed that awareness of the school was low and the existing awareness was not altogether favorable. Our challenge was to help Tesseract School find its voice in the community and ultimately drive enrollments. We found that Tesseract School was unique in the market in terms of its approach to education – engaging students in learning through an integrated, thematic approach. Our strategy was to focus on this difference and the results achieved. We revitalized messaging to reflect the educational institution it had become “Engaging Minds. Inspiring Dreams.” and then embarked on an effort to raise awareness. One year following the launch of the revitalized brand, enrollment increased 30%.