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“There is so much competition. What makes us different?”

Vantage Mobility, Incorporated is a pioneer in the mobility vehicle industry. For more than 25 years the company has witnessed both growth and consolidation in the market. Challenged with an increasingly competitive environment, we set out to determine what was truly unique about VMI.

VMI began when the founders were challenged to build a better handicap-accessible vehicle for a close family friend. Their relationship with this customer helped them build a better product and this approach helped them build a strong business. VMI’s difference was in their culture and core values. Our research found that the consumer depended on the dealer for nearly all their product information. So the strategy was to reconnect with the end-consumer by taking a leadership position in providing category information, tools and resources, consumer forums and education. What makes VMI unique? It’s their ability to listen and help its end-users by providing products and services to make their lives better.