Why Laughing is Contagious

Why Laughing is Contagious

Posted by Stacey Pilcher

It is a phenomenon, when you start laughing and then others begin laughing, too – then it becomes uncontrollable. Well, it turns out it is because of how our brains are wired.

In Daniel Goleman’s book Social Intelligence, he says our brain is designed to make connections. If someone is angry with us, we have a similar reaction.  If someone smiles at us, we become happier.  “The fact that we can trigger any emotion at all in someone else–or they in us–testifies to the powerful mechanism by which one person’s feelings spread to another.”

Human actions and emotions register in others, and in a profound way provide the power to change those that observe. How companies look, act and communicate with customers, then, has a great effect on their brand equity. An empathetic voice, a smiling face, and confident actions will go a long way in building trust, but these five steps will help you build a strong and lasting brand.

Five Steps to a Strong Brand

  1. Clearly define your cores values. Everything you do should originate out of these values, they define the ethics of your company.
  2. Define and show your brand personality. They personality of your brand is reflected in the products you make, the services you provide and the people you hire. Your customers relate to this personality.
  3. Completely integrate brand values and personality into your organizational environment. Your brand is defined by the perceptions of everyone it touches – let it seep into every nook and cranny.
  4. Make messaging believable, supportable and always deliver on promises. This is how you build trust. When you fall short of a promise, recognize it and try again.
  5. Evolve and remain relevant. Times change, organization must evolve to succeed long-term.

Download “Five Steps to a Strong Brand”, click here.


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