How the brand surrounds you

How the brand surrounds you

Posted by Stacey Pilcher

Today, I was meeting with a friend who is in the corporate real estate business. After catching up on families and vacations we started talking about the real estate market. As conversations do, we went in a lot of directions, but ended up talking about culture in a company, how culture relates to brands and how brands translate into physical spaces.

Driving to my office, I started thinking that a physical space is not only a place to get work done; it’s also a place that sends a message – a brand message. Why then do so many so companies set aside, delay or ignore this part of the branding process? According to an article provided by Herman Miller, “The physical space used to conduct business—whether a store, satellite office, or world headquarters—is simply too visible and costly an asset to leave out of the brand-building equation.”

The physical space of a company reflects its culture, affects employee performance and tells a lot about the company to its visitors. For the past six months, I’ve been working to help my client, Televerde, evolve their brand and position them for future growth.  Through the development process, the uniqueness of Televerde began to emerge – their relevance to customers, employees and community. As we took the next step to translate this abstract concept into language, strategy, product design and customer service, we were able to think of it in terms of physical space as well.

The CMO, Ray Kemper, really understands the importance of tangible visible brand reminders throughout the workspace. “From the first step into our lobby, our employees and customers should sense our personality and our energy.”

Using space to communicate your message deepens a brand story. Apple’s new campus, dubbed the Spaceship, is currently under construction. According to Mashable “Considering how Apple is known for its precise, innovative and controlled designs, it comes as no surprise it is taking the same approach for its new headquarters, on a scale that’s never been quite seen before.”

Whether you’re a mid-sized business like Televerde, or a behemoth like Apple, enhance your brand story by using space as a language for communication.

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How the brand surrounds you

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