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Creating an affordable housing model.

Arizona Housing, Inc. was developed to provide homeless individuals and families with safe, sanitary and round the clock supportive housing. It is now the largest provider of affordable supportive housing in the state.

They asked us to help them capitalize on the economic downturn to create affordable housing opportunities by working to identify, secure and renovate foreclosed properties in partnership with other non-profits and government housing authorities. We managed the many complex relationships, federal regulations and multiple sources of funding involved in bringing large distressed apartment complexes with nearly 450 affordable housing units to market in less than 3 years, and always did so within financial and time constraints. To date, these apartment complexes are model crime-free properties in their respective neighborhoods, are at least 95% occupied and consistently operate in the black to provide homeless individuals with opportunities to live in a clean and safe environment with integrated supportive services to prevent their return to homelessness.

We have maintained an ongoing relationship with this client and the properties by helping secure and implement additional private funding, managing grants, and assisting with government audits and periodic program reviews.